Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer

Richard Taylor & Zack Beins are presidents of Denver, Colorado’s Bizjack Flemco studios, an independent film company that has been making movies & music videos since 1999 usually with Comedy & Horror elements as well as parody and pop culture references.

Their most popular film to date is a short film shot on super 8 called The Misled Romance of Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy being given national distribution by Troma Entertainment as a selection on Volume 5 of “The Best of TromaDance”.

Their first feature film Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer which promises to be the first zombie movie with no zombies is finished and is starting its festival run now!

We had a chance to talk to them about their first feature film and more.

Flunkrock: Tell what made you decide to started making movies… Can you describe one of your earliest endeavors?

Richard: In middle school when I met Zack Beins. (my partner at Bizjack Flemco Productions) we would always watch weird and strange movies that we would rent from the video store. Our favorite being the films of Troma Entertainment! (The Toxic Avenger, Cannibal the Musical, Class of Nuke Em High) on those DVDs they would have special features on “how to make your own movies” hosted by Troma President Lloyd Kaufman. Me and Zack got the “bug” and started making movies in his backyard using his moms home video camera.

Zack: Our first movies were very “unwatchable” and were really only amusing to Richard and I, but we learned a lot from those early “backyard” movies.

One of our early movies was a fake movie trailer where me and Rich play very flamboyant police officers of the San Fransisco Police Department called S.F.P.D. Another one of our early endeavors was a movie called “Ghetto Man” about a powerless superhero who steals from the rich and gives to the ghetto! You can see more at!

Flunkrock: What do you enjoy most about working in the Movie Field?

Richard: I love watching movies and I love making them as well! I can’t think of anything more amazing then thinking of an idea in your head, and bringing that idea to life! When someone watches something that I made and tells me that it made their day better, or that my movie made them laugh, gag, cry, or any emotion we as humans are made to feel, it makes it all worth while… I enjoy entertaining people and giving them a little bit of a distraction from the problems of everyday life and that to me is the best part of working in the movie field! that and getting BJ’s from Zack.

Zack: I like that movies are something that almost everyone in the world can relate to. Everyone has seen at least one movie in their life, and there is a bit of magic there. Movies are also like a time capsule of a time in history and thinking that someone 50 years from now can look back at one of my films and see what was going on in my brain is pretty amazing. That’s what I like about working in the movie field, that and getting Blumkins from Rich.

What about the horror/comedy genre interests you?

Richard: I love making people Laugh, but I also love to gross them out! Even if me and Zack tried to make a serious horror film I think it would wind up coming out funny just because were just naturally funny guys.I think we could write a full out comedy film … but then I know we would throw a bit of horror in there just because we know what we wanna see in movies and you can never go wrong with blood and guts!

Zack: Just like Richard said, we just like to make people laugh. I also am a huge horror fan and like to throw elements of that in whatever film I’m making but I would mostly consider myself a comedian.

Flunkrock: Tell us a little bit about Atom and his bloody adventures?

Richard: Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer is our 1st feature film, and me and Zack have been talking about making the film since we were in college.

We really don’t wanna give a lot of the plot away but we can say that it’s the very first zombie movie to NOT feature zombies! It’s extremely bloody! has bowling! Tits! Features cameos by Babette Bombshell and Lloyd Kaufman and the Theme song is by The Radioactive Chicken Heads! We have been getting amazing feed back from the film! And were playing the film festival circuit now… so look for it in your city! You can see where were playing at

Flunkrock: Describe the most memorable (good and bad) thing that happened while filming Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer…

Richard: Filming “Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer” was a huge challenge.

The most memorable good thing happening was filming our hero Lloyd Kaufman for his cameo! He had made a small cameo in our previous film called The Misled Romance of Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy but this time we had him for a bigger role and it was fun to see Lloyd bowling!

The most memorable bad thing that happen for me was when one of our actors decided to quit the project. I begged and pleaded for him to stay ! we only had one more filming day with him, but he still decided to quit the project. I had to find a new actor and film everything over with him, however we could not get all the same locations back so we had to find new locations as well! If you look on youtube for the 1st Trailer for Atom the amazing zombie killer you can see that it features the old actor and old locations. The Official Trailer for the film has the new actor (Tim Johnson) and new locations .

Zack: One good thing I remember is just spraying down actors with blood and gore! Nothing brings a bigger smile on my face than bloody carnage.

One bad thing that I remember is that I was in a major car accident during production, where I broke my leg in half and had to relearn how to walk. Production slowed down but Richard stepped up and filmed some key scenes in the movie. I unfortunately could not be there because I was in a wheelchair but I was there in spirit.

Flunkrock: What is your outlook on being in the indie film industry today in regards to 10 years ago?

Richard: Well with the internet it’s a different world completely. It’s easy for anyone to make a movie, slap it on the intenet and become famous! Unfortunately for folks who put their heart and soul into there films it is lost in a sea of nyan cat’s, Dancing Bananas and Rebecca Black. I’m not saying that the fine folks who made Dramatic Chipmunk did’nt work hard on it … but there was no thought or sweat put into those projects. We worked our fucking asses off to make Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer and will have to work even harder for you to see it!

Zack: The future is the internet like Richard said. But if things like Sopa and Pipa come around and take away our voice on the web then only AOLTIMEWARNERDISNEYVIACOM will have a voice, its kinda scary to think about. Then Richard and I will have to go back to showing our films to our parents in the basement on the VCR.

Flunkrock: With all the avenues available to reach the public, what do you think is the best way to promote your films these days? internet? conventions? word of mouth?

Richard: The internet is a really great way to get your stuff out there and to the people. I would rather do conventions and meet people in person however because I think that people better remember you when they meet you and can talk to you … over the internet I am just “whoever” but in person I am “somebody”

Zack: There are many great avenues, but lets not forget about the streets, lanes, highways and even alleyways.

Flunkrock: How does the economy affect you today? got any indie film budgeting tips…

Richard: Well to fund money for “Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer” me and Zack put on Benefits concerts around town at local dive bars. We got some local bands to play and charged $5 bucks! We also put on a party at a bowling alley and did the same.

We Also made a fake Trailer for the film and told people that we needed finishing costs for the film, even though we never even started production. It was a good way to at least let people know we were serious about the movie and they could “see” our idea.. oppose to just pitching them our idea.

Zack: We shot our movie on HD. We did not own a HD camera. One of our friends did however so we offered him a lead roll in the movie. Shortly afterwards we convinced him that his camera would make the movie he was staring in amazing. So moral of the story is if you know someone who has something you want to use in your movie cast them in a roll.

Flunkrock: Aside from your own, What is your favorite Horror, Comedy and Horror/Comedy film?

Richard: This might be the hardest question… because I love so many! “Dead Alive” “The Return of the living dead” “The Toxic Avenger” but as of right now I am digging me some “Killer Klowns from Outerspace”

Zack: The “Toxic Avenger” is my favorite horror/comedy film, “Run Ronnie Run” is my favorite comedy and “Yentel” is the most horrifying movie I have ever seen.

Flunkrock: What do you perceive as the biggest obstacles about being a film-maker these days?

Richard: Probably spending to much time on facebook. Making facebook page for your film before you even have it written! Doesn’t make you a filmmaker! Get off the internet go and park yourself somewhere outside, write that script! Pick up a camera and make your movie happen! Then get on facebook and pimp the hell out of it! Haha.

Zack: Talking about making a movie and waiting for the perfect conditions to make it. Just make the damn movie and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.

Flunkrock: How would define “having a successful career” in the movie industry?

Richard: You’re a success as long as you don’t give up! And you keep folks wanting more! I have had some days where I just don’t want to do this anymore but then I talk to somebody who has seen “The misled romance of Cannibal Girl & Incest Boy” (Check it out at and they tell me its amazing and they cant wait for what I do next ! so that to me is success!

Zack: Just having people watch and enjoy your movies is being successful in my book.

Flunkrock: describe the perfect zombie survival kit?

Richard: Hmm well for me I don’t even think I wouldn’t even wanna survive a zombie apocalypse …. I think it be funnier to be a zombie, so my brain is up for grabs.

Zack: The best zombie survival kit would be an Atom the Amazing Zombie killer T-shirt and autographed mini-poster which you could get in our web store.

Flunkrock: Do you believe in bad luck? Because this is question 13.

Richard: Oh no my luck and my luck is getting worse because there is a man at the door! He has a hockey mask on! And doesn’t look like he is a Jehovah’s witness…. Someone call the poooliiiccee!

Zack: I believe in Lucky Charms cereal.

Just to mix things up this is where we give you an answer and you create a question for it.

Flunkrock Answer: Well first off it’s bendable. Secondly it sticks to things and lastly you can mail it without getting arrested.

Richard: Describe your Gumby doll that you have made love to repeatedly.

Zack: ….Fuck I think Richard stole my Gumby collection.


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